FREE Social Story A Dentist Visit

Dentist Visit Social Story


For so many children, a trip to the Dentist can be such a daunting experience. The fear of the unknown, the dentist drill, the clinical smell, the hygiene mask the Dentist and Dental Nurse wear, having someone you don’t know prod around in your mouth. A Dentist Visit can be a very scary experience for some Adults too! 

There are any number of reasons why children become anxious about a Dentist. You can help to reassure them by telling them you go to the Dentist and you are always fine and you have healthy teeth because the Dentist takes such good care of them. 

A Social Story is also an excellent way to help calm a child’s anxieties around Dentist Visits and ensure they understand at least to some extent, what may happen. 

I have created A FREE SOCIAL STORY A Dentist Visit for my own children. My middle two children have Special Needs, and this is an excellent resource to help them understand A Dentist Visit also. It is suitable for all children. 

Free Social Story A Dentist Visit

Children of All Abilities 

While creating this Free Social Story I was very aware that I wanted to represent children of all abilities in the story. Obviously I could not include all that I wanted as I could only use what was available to me creatively and also what I could include given the subject topic. I wanted to make this as inclusive as a Social Story as I could. 

Dentist Visit Social Story

How to display your Social Story.

You will see once you have the Social Story printed off that it is essentially a 10 page document which will comprise of five A4 printed sheets which you will then cut in half, laminate, and either use loose leaf rings or another type of binding accessory to make it into a “book” form. 


A Free social story A Dentist Visit


In order to understand the sequence of the book layout, look for the numbers on the bottom right hand corner and you will be able to follow that to create the correct book sequence. 

You can download your Free Printable HERE. 

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