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When you become a Special Needs Parent of a child with Autism or a child who needs clear visuals to communicate/understand the world around them, then you will need to access to Communication Boards. You can either purchase them through the many brilliant online stores usually can tailor them to your needs or you can make them yourself or you can get your free bumper printable download here, now! <3 

I remember in the early days having no idea how to make them but in recent years I have learned through trial and error. 

I have put together this Free Bumper Printable Download considering what we use most here in our home. The Communication Boards contained within the Free Bumper Printable Download are ones I would use most often with Conor and in time with Baby Jack. They are very basic but that is exactly what you will need when trying to help your child with Special Needs to communicate in particular in the beginning.

I have created a First and Then Board, for helping your child to follow sequence and to understand if they complete one task there is another following up or that a much wanted activity/object can be obtained once the first task is complete.

In Conor’s case when he first started using the “First and Then” board he would carry out a task as part of the “First” section and his “Then” section was a small treat like a chocolate button or a crisp. It helped him understand how to follow what was on the Board but also gave him the incentive in the beginning to complete his tasks.


Once he was able to grasp First and Then we moved on to First – Next – Then and so on. Once he mastered each Communication Board we would try to expand on what he knew further, helping he to progress and concentrate all the while.

First Next Then Board
First Next Then Board

A Communication Board he uses quiet often is the “My Choice Board”, on here he will have a choice of various activities he may like to do and it is a way of encouraging him to physically “pick” what he would like to do. A very simple and easy way for your child to learn to have power over their own choices.

My Choice Board
My Choice Board

The last Communication Printable I have created as part of my Free Bumper Printable Download, is the “I am working for” Board plus tokens. A great Communication Board to encourage your child to work towards goals.

The great thing about it is that it is a way for your child to learn about good behavior and that it can equal positive outcomes. For example Conor knows if he collects 4 stars he will get his IPAD or if he collects 4 stars for doing well on his potty training he will get a treat of his choosing.

The idea is that you place the picture of what they might like to have on the top right corner and thereafter they collect their “tokens” in order to claim what they are working for.

I am working For Board
I am working For Board

All of the Communication Boards are very clear and simple, which will provide the best opportunity for positive outcomes.

Token Boards
Token Boards

As always there is a Free download version of these Free Bumper Printable Download which you can find here. Happy Printing.


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