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Free Behavior Printable 

Download your free behavior printable together with a Free Daily Visual Schedule.

For today the downloads will be two fold, one will be a Free Behavior Printable and the other are simple but so important Visuals for a Daily Schedule, to include “School” and “Home” most importantly so your child has a sense of days in the week but also know what is ahead in the coming days, each day. recently sent me on some fab products for my lovely Conor and Jack to try out. One such product was the Pics to Pecs CD-Rom! Which is AMAZING! It contains so many visuals and is super easy to use. The Daily Visuals I have included in this weeks downloads are actually from the CD.ROM. 

The free behavior printable are created by me using Smarty Symbols software. Hands down the Pics to Pecs is much easier and faster to use as it is all created for you already, more about that in my upcoming Review. So for now here are this week’s Printable downloads.


Free Behavior Printable

Behavior Visuals

There are of course many ways to create Behavior Visuals but I personally have always found with Conor that the simpler the better. He like many Autistic adults and children just like him rely heavily on the visual world to take and understand meaning. So in Conor’s case I would print off, cut and laminate the Free Behavior Visual download and with a red Felt Pen I would draw and X through each picture wherein I did not want him to exhibit said particular behavior. If your child is using words with their visuals you would not need to put an X through each Picture, it is totally up to you, as you know what works best for your child.


Free Printable Daily Visual

Of course I got so excited when I saw the Pics for Pecs Cd-Rom I totally forgot to create a JPEG version of the Printable I had created, so here is a picture of my printer instead busy printing out my fab new Visuals thanks to I have only created a very basic Daily Visuals for you to print off and laminate due to copyright and distribution rules. I wanted to provide a sample of the brilliant Pics for Pecs cd-rom so you could see for yourself how amazing it is and so simple to use.

Busy printing my new PECS.COM images.

Busy printing my new PECS.COM images.

You can find the Free Behavior Printable Download here and the Free Daily Visual Download here.

Happy printing.

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