Finding Out I am Autistic


Finding out I am Autistic at the age of 39, has changed my whole life. Two years ago in the midst of the pandemic I finally went forward with an Adult Autism Assessment.

It was in fact my fourth attempt to go for an assessment, on this final attempt I did not back out.

I had booked three prior assessments but back out of each after saying to other people I was going to go for an assessment. Their negative reactions unnerved me each time and I back out.

Then in October 2020 I found myself in Casualty once more, overwhelmed, exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I needed answers but they could not find what exactly was going on for me. I was an enigma of sorts, and in many ways that it how I had felt my whole life.

Entirely faceless and feeling like nobody and a nothing. I could not find where I belonged and spent my whole life trying to fit in but failing miserably.

After that final admission to A&E in Mayo General in October 2020, I decided it was time to get the answers I was searching for my whole life.

To make New Years Eve and the dawn of 2023 I have uploaded my very first Youtube Video talking about my experiences of finding out I am Autistic at the age of 39.

You can watch back the video on this link or click on the image below.


You may also like to read this post where in 2020 I told everyone I was Autistic on New Years eve 2020.


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