Digger Token Board

Free Printable Digger Token Board 

Here you will find your free printable Digger Token Board. If you have a child with Special Needs, Token Boards/Reward Charts are an excellent tool to help motivate them to work towards meeting their goals. 

Digger Token Board Free Printable

If you follow our Facebook page or Instagram account you will know that my son Jack (4) is a huge Digger fan! He collects them and can tell you facts about them I can’t even begin to understand how he knows! 

The good thing about having a son with particular interests is that I can tailor some of his “visual learning tools” towards those interests, using them to build on his ability to learn. 

I created this Digger Token Board recently for Jack to help him stay more focused when working independently. He LOVES it and really likes collecting his tokens. 

The objective behind the Digger Token Board is that he will collect a token for each task completed. Once he has collected his 4 Digger Tokens he will be allowed to do/have whatever it is he has chosen (usually this will be picked out ahead of time via a choice board). 

He really likes his Play Time so when we first introduced this Digger Token Board it was very easy to motivate him to follow through with his table top activities as he knew that once he had completed his tasks and collected all 4 tokens he would be able to have his chosen activity. 

So if you are a parent starting out with Token Boards/Reward Charts you will need to also have some “motivating” task cards to use with this Free Digger Token Board. 

I am always interested to hear what works for other parents so feel free to comment down below what your child’s interests are and what motivates them to work. 

In the coming weeks I will be creating some additional Token Boards/Reward Charts for both boys and girls. These will be Free Downloads so if you have any particular themes in mind for the Token Boards I am always interested to hear. 

For now, you can find your FREE DOWNLOAD, here. 


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