Cover Stars

Conor and Jack became mini “Cover Stars” in our County paper, this past December thanks to the lovely and thoughtful people over at The Connaught Telegraph. Over the years The Connaught Telegraph have proactively highlighted the plight and the triumphs of children and adults with Special Needs together with their families. As a family we were incredibly fortunate this past November when Conor found his voice again after he stopped talking almost 8 years ago.

A video I shared which captured Conor’s first words while working with his amazing Therapist Keira Keogh went viral. You can watch that video HERE.

So many people have contacted me as a result of The Connaught Telegraph article. I have been approached in town by people I have never met who were touched by Conor’s story. Some were parents of children with disabilities, others were people who had no contact before in their lives with a child or adult with Special Needs. It was great to know that awareness was being raised by sharing Conor’s story.

Both Jack and Conor were delighted to see themselves in their County Paper. Conor, on seeing himself in the paper, put his hand to his chest and made an “M” sound. It was a thing of beauty to see he understood it was himself on the front of the paper holding hands with little brother Jack. Jack of course was not short on words telling us that he and Conor are “beautiful”. My heart could burst with the pride I feel for my little boys.  It was overwhelming in the most positive of ways to see a Paper of such prominence highlight our family’s battle to help Conor learn to speak again. I am incredibly proud as a parent to see Conor and Jack on the front of our paper but also as a Special Needs Parent to see two boys who are “different” but who are accepted just as they are. I owe a special thanks to my friend, Journalist Dee Kelly, who was so supportive and instrumental in the article’s fruition and a special thanks is owed to gifted Photographer Alison Laredo, who was able to get both boys to look at the camera at the same time! If you have children with Special Needs then you know how difficult this is to do! She was so kind and patient in taking the photographs while the boys held hands on their walk in Lough Lannagh.

You can read the full Article over on The Connaught Telegraph website HERE.

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