Coronavirus and Halloween

The Coronavirus and Halloween do not mix.

Level 5 Lockdown restrictions are now in place throughout Ireland until December 1st 2020. As adults we understand what that means but for children, in particular children with additional needs, they may be experiencing confusion as to why much loved Halloween traditions such as trick or treating can not take place.

In this blog post I share a Coronavirus inspired FREE Social Story I have created to help children with additional needs understand Halloween this year and why they cannot Trick or Treat. I also give you some Halloween activities you can do within the four walls of your home.

Halloween Alternative Activities

Here are some alternative Halloween activities to consider doing this year now that Lockdown means we can’t participate in traditional outdoor Halloween activities.

  • Zoom Fancy Dress: Adult Version: host a late night chat with friends on Halloween night
  • Zoom Fancy Dress: Child Version: organize between family and friends to host a fancy dress Halloween party, have games that can be playing at both homes and don’t forget the Halloween music
  • Decorate your home and have a spooky scavenger hunt
  • Order Halloween treats online and have them delivered
  • Scary family movie
  • Have a family dress up disco/parade around the house
  • Have a Halloween party at home with party games

Halloween Social Stories

For children who may be struggling to understand what to expect for Halloween or indeed why they cannot trick or treat, use a social story to help them understand.

You can download your FREE Social Story Here and you can find another excellent social story that my good friend Lisa from @asdcreationstation created HERE.

You can also read a Halloween Blog Post I wrote a few years ago which also contains helpful Halloween advice, HERE.

Happy Halloween to you and yours.

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