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A Communication Passport for School.

You will need to create a Communication Passport at the beginning of each school year on behalf of your child if they are unable to create it for themselves. A Communication Passport is like a booklet all about your child from their perspective. You create it with a reader in mind who knows nothing about your child. You can include pictures of your child and his/her family, or any other documentation you feel would be necessary. It is a very personal document to your child and as such no two will be exactly alike.

The Passport I created for Conor this year is actually completely different to the one I had made originally last year, as his needs/preferences and experiences have changed. Your child may have made progress in some areas, maybe they have regressed whatever the change may be it is important to include it in the document as it will all be relevant.

I have created the following Info-graphs to be used as a guide. As they are a guide you should tailor your child’s Communication Passport to their needs, add and remove what you feel is necessary.

Communication Passport

This Passport is a way for your child’s needs to be met by the reader as they will know after reading the Communication Passport all the pertinent information about your child. All about me

The contents and headings you use within your child’s Communication Passport will vary depending on the needs and information you feel needs to be shared.


Communication passport

The Communication Passport can be written/typed  or A4 paper. You can use a notebook even, whatever media you prefer is perfectly fine, the focal point is that you include relevant information important to your child.

I hope you find these helpful.

Amanda x




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