Clothing and the Weather

Autism Clothes Printable

Clothing and the Weather – FREE Printable downloads encouraging children to recognize the correlation between Weather and Clothing Choices. Many children whether they have Special Needs or not can be quiet confused as to what is the most suitable clothing to wear depending on the weather outside. 

I have created two sets of Free Printable downloads. The first set is all about the Weather and the second set of Printable downloads is a selection of clothing for both boys and girls.

Autism Weather

The Weather printables include a discussion page where your child can add the most suitable Visual to describe the Weather outside. I have included various different Weather Visuals so that  your child will have a choice when deciding what the Weather condition is outside.

Weather Visuals Autism

Also included in the printable pack is a Matching game to encourage recognition of appropriate clothing based on Weather conditions outside.

Weather 1

A super simple game but a great way to introduce the concept of Weather and Clothing. Conor likes almost all games that involve matching so I know he will love this game.x

You can find your first set of downloads here.

Clothing and the Weather

To encourage identification of Clothing items I have included several pages of printable clothing for you to print off and laminate.

Autism Clothing Weather

You will print off which ever of the Male or Female Characters are most suitable for your child to work with and laminate. You will also  print off the clothing downloads, cut out and laminate.

There after you can encourage your child to pick out which pieces of clothing are most suitable depending on the Weather. Another use for the printed items is color recognition, naming the items, matching, separating and so forth.

Autism Clothing


You can  find the Clothing Printable downloads here.

I have included clothing for Autumn, Winter and Spring. I will update this post when the Summer draws  near to include Summer clothing as part of my free downloads.

I hope your child enjoys using this week’s printable downloads.xx

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