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Create your own ChalkBoard Art Display

A super easy tutorial showing you how to create your own faux Chalkboard Art Display. 

DIY Art DIsplay Tutorial

If like me you have children who love to create Art then you too will be running out of space. I recently made an Art Display for my Kitchen but my daughter Hailey had other ideas. She decided she wanted it for her bedroom so she could display all of her creations. I didn’t mind giving her my newly finished project for her bedroom as she has so much Art in her room, atleast now she has somewhere to display it all. 

Childrens Art Display
The Original Art Display which Hailey has taken for her Bedroom.

You can find the original tutorial I am talking about here. 

What it meant for me though was that I was back to square one with no place to display my kids Art. So I decided to create another but this time I wanted to create a Chalkboard Art Display. 

I took some photographs while creating the Art Display so you could also follow the tutorial and make your own. 

So lets get started. 

Materials Needed: 

  1. A “Cork” Board (I purchased mine in Woodies)
  2. Protective Mask and Gloves 
  3. Something to lay your Cork Board on that will prevent spray paint from going onto the ground 
  4. A can of Black Matt Spray Paint, I used the brand Rustoleum “Painters Touch” for this project.
  5. Paint brush(es) (use the ones that suit you best, I used ones that I have had for years and used countless times on various craft projects)
  6. Paint Pots (I purchased paint tester pots from Woodies and each of the paint tester pots were from either the Fleetwood or Johnstones ranges that they sell in store)
  7. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks (I did not need to purchase these I already had them but orginally I bought the Glue Gun from Woodies many year ago)
  8. Rainbow colored card/plastic cut into triangle – (I used this for my triangle stencil, but if doing this project again I would just free-hand draw the triangles for the bunting)
  9. White crayon or piece of chalk
  10. Alphabet Stencil (I have crafted for years so I have an extensive range of stencils, but you could buy similar on ebay or amazon.) 

Chalkboard Art Display


Chalkboard Tutorial

Step 1: 

Gather the materials you will need to start the project. Always remember your health and safety should be paramount. Wear a protective face mask and gloves to protect your hands and also your air waves. 

Lay out a protective material to prevent your surface area becoming tarnished by the spray paint you will be using in this project. I used an old sheet that I had been meaning to throw out as it was old, but as luck would have it, I used it for this project. 

Ensure when using Spray paint you always follow the Manufacturers Instructions and Safety Guidelines, about usage and in particular where to use the Spray Paint. 

To ensure maximum ventilation I chose to use the spray paint outdoors.

Chalk Board Art Display 



To start, I wore my protective gloves and also face mask. I then followed the Instructions on the back of the Spray Can with regard to its use. I started to spray from the outside in. I sprayed all around the outer frame of the Cork Board. 

I then sprayed the top side of the Cork Board, starting at the outer parts and sprayed until the entire surface was covered in black spray paint. 

I left that first coat to dry in for almost an hour. I then came back and did the entire surface of the Cork Board again followed by a quick spray of the outer frame. 

At this point I was happy with the coverage and how even it was. I left it to dry for the evening. 


Chalkboard Art DIsplay

Step 3:

Next I used a Triangle shape I had previously cut out and used it to stencil on the bunting shape I wanted to have going across the top of the faux Chalkboard Art Display. In hindsight I would have been better off just painting on the triangles myself Free-Hand as it was much more tricky trying to find the exact spot to put the triangle each time without smudging the white paint outline I had place on it as a guide. 

It may be worth trying out both options first to see what suits you best. 

Once I was finished stenciling in all the Triangles, I then used my white paint to fill in each triangle by painting it in and then painting along the tops of all the triangles a long stripe, so it would look like they were each hanging. (Like Bunting).

I allowed the white bunting to dry for about half an hour. 

Chalk Board Art Display Tutorial

STEP 4: 

Once I was happy that the white bunting was dry, I used various Tester Paint Pots to then paint over each Triangle a different color. If you haven’t noticed already I have a serious Rainbow Obsession, so I was always going to paint in the triangles with rainbow colors. You can paint them in any colors you like or even leave them white. It is totally up to you and what you really like. 

The sun had come out by the time I had finished painting in the color to the triangles so i left it outside to dry for about 20 minutes. 

Chalkboard Art Display

Step 5: 

As the surface I was about to write on was black I knew I would need something I could “see” when I started stenciling. I would recommend using white chalk normally when stenciling onto a black surface (you can erase it easily if mistakes are made and also you can paint over it very quickly). 

On this occasion I couldn’t lay my hands on white chalk so I used some white crayon I found in the Art Box. I would not recommend using it if you are not used to stenciling as it can be quiet messy and very hard to get rid of, if you don’t like the finished look. 

In this case I used the white crayon to stencil in the phrase “Look what I made at school”, as I wanted the Art Display for my children’s school Art. You can of course have any phrase you like or none at all if that is what you would prefer. 

Once I had the phrase I wanted stenciled in, I then used a small paint brush and the white paint I used previously to paint in the Triangles. 

I used this paint brush and paint, to essentially go back over the stenciled words, using paint to make the phrase a permanent fixture on the Art Display. 

Chalkboard Art Display

Step 6: 

Once I had my phrase all painted in, I left it to dry. 

It was now finished. 

Chalkboard Art DIsplay

Once it was all finished I decided to make some Button Pins to hold up my children’s Art Work instead of using just regular pins. I really like how they add an extra pop of color to the Art Display. 

Art Display Tutorial

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Pop back next week for another craft-along with me. 

In the meantime you might like to find out how to make another super simple Memo Board for your or your child’s bedroom.  Memo Board Tutorial

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