Playground bullying can teach us about Inclusion

Bullying because of Difference. Over the years we have had our fair share of episodes when out and about with Conor, where children/tweens and even teenagers have laughed at him… View Post

Autism and Christmas

“Christmas” in every house is different. Whether you have a child(ren) with Special Needs or not, the expectation to create a “perfect”Christmas for your family weighs heavy on us all… View Post

Sensory Gift Ideas

It can be so difficult trying to find the perfect Sensory Gift when you don’t know where to start. I have two sons with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Despite… View Post

Gifts for Children with Disabilities

  Every year parents just like me struggle to find Christmas Gifts for their children with Special Needs. Parents contacted me recently over on my Facebook page asking if I… View Post

Christmas Social Story

Download the first in a series of FREE Festive Social Stories that will be available for parents of children with Special Needs in the run up to Christmas. My sons… View Post

Children’s Christmas Apps

Christmas can be an exciting but overwhelming time for many children. I have always found with my kids that it is important to prepare them in the run up to… View Post

Children’s books about Special Needs

Children’s books about Special Needs is an excellent way to encourage child to be inclusive, empathetic, understanding and welcoming when they meet other children who are different to them.  If… View Post

Books with Special Needs Characters

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A special Christmas List

Last Year was the first time I could tell Conor really understood what Christmas was all about. I will never forget his face on Christmas morning. He was so happy… View Post