A Struggling Child

We’ve all seen a struggling child whether it be in public or family gathering. We recognize that panic that screams from their eyes. The ashen parent We see the parent… View Post

Helping Jack overcome Anxiety

My 5 year old son Jack struggles daily with Anxiety. He needs constant reassurance and needs routine and structure to help him feel more at ease, grounded. It has been… View Post

Pregnancy Social Story

A new baby brings change and upheaval into your home. If you have children with Special Needs this upheaval and change can be felt more acutely! As a Mom of… View Post

Childhood Christmas Anxiety

   Childhood Anxiety at Christmas “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, well that is according to a very well-known Christmas song by Andy Williams. In our house and… View Post

Countdown to Christmas

FREE Printable Download Countdown to Christmas and a Countdown to Back to School! Many children find the holidays so overwhelming, a countdown can help bring concrete structure to their days.… View Post

Christmas Social Story

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Positive Parenting

6 Things you should always say to your child. Positive self-esteem is so important. How many times as an adult have you doubted your-self or felt “not-enough”? The same is… View Post

APPS for Children with Anxiety

It wasn’t until I had a child who suffers with Anxiety that I realised I have suffered with it all my life. It wasn’t until I found my 4-year-old child… View Post

Calm Down Cards Free Printable

I created these FREE Calm Down Cards for my son Jack. Jack (4) struggles with Anxiety and will stay awake at night worrying about things that I or you would… View Post