Handwriting APPS for Children

As a mom of 4 I have learned that every child progresses at their own rate. My oldest child, Hailey learned everything so quickly, I took it for granted that… View Post

Communication APPS for Autistic Children

I get asked a lot what Therapy APPS we use with Conor on his Ipad. We have used various apps over the years but the ones he is using right… View Post

Autism APPs for Communication & Visual Schedules

Six Communication & Visual Scheduling APPS for Autism. Download these APPS to help your child communicate and bring order to their day. 6 Communication & Visual Scheduling APPS  Here is… View Post

APPS for Children with Anxiety

It wasn’t until I had a child who suffers with Anxiety that I realised I have suffered with it all my life. It wasn’t until I found my 4-year-old child… View Post

Conor’s AAC Adventure

On Tuesday we had our first AAC appointment with a Specialist Team that came down from Dublin to meet Conor. The appointment was arranged by a HSE Speech and Language… View Post

Children’s Christmas Apps

Christmas can be an exciting but overwhelming time for many children. I have always found with my kids that it is important to prepare them in the run up to… View Post