Autism Visual Supports

Autism and Visual Supports in our house, go hand in hand. Both my boys rely heavily on Visual Supports to help them understand the world around them. I have recently… View Post

Digger Token Board

Free Printable Digger Token Board  Here you will find your free printable Digger Token Board. If you have a child with Special Needs, Token Boards/Reward Charts are an excellent tool… View Post

Free Bumper Printable Download

Get your Free Bumper Printable Download When you become a Special Needs Parent of a child with Autism or a child who needs clear visuals to communicate/understand the world around… View Post

Reward Chart Free Printable

Rewards and motivators really work in our home to encourage the children’s positive behaviors. A Reward Chart is an excellent visual tool to have in your arsenal as you teach… View Post

Bed Time Printable

For many children having a Visual Schedule helps them to make more sense of their world. It creates concrete ideas of what is happening now, next and later. For children… View Post