The Skill of Imitation

I recently designed a set of Imitation & Direction Prompt Cards to teach children with additional needs the foundational skill of matching. Below you will find more information about why… View Post

Coronavirus Social Story

CORONAVIRUS Social Narrative. I have been avidly following the the Coronavirus crisis and now find myself wanting to fulfill my civic duty. I have created a FREE Coronavirus Social Narrative… View Post

Teaching Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns & Autism Many children, like my son Jack who are Autistic, struggle to understand what may be considered “abstract” parts of speech & language such as personal pronouns.… View Post

Free Visual Schedules

Some of the most popular blog posts I have here on Little Puddins are the Free Printable posts. Parents, Teachers and Therapists contact me regularly about the Visual Supports I… View Post

Pregnancy Social Story

A new baby brings change and upheaval into your home. If you have children with Special Needs this upheaval and change can be felt more acutely! As a Mom of… View Post

Calm Down Cards Free Printable

I created these FREE Calm Down Cards for my son Jack. Jack (4) struggles with Anxiety and will stay awake at night worrying about things that I or you would… View Post

Sensory Meltdown or Tantrum

Do you know the difference between a Sensory Meltdown and a Tantrum?      As a mom of two boys with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, Meltdowns have become an “unwelcome”… View Post

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