The Skill of Imitation

I recently designed a set of Imitation & Direction Prompt Cards to teach children with additional needs the foundational skill of matching. Below you will find more information about why… View Post

Autism and Toilet Training

I am delighted to announce my new Parent Training and Professional Development Courses. The first course in my Parent/Professional Training and Development series, is an Autism Toilet Training Course for… View Post

Coronavirus and Halloween

The Coronavirus and Halloween do not mix. Level 5 Lockdown restrictions are now in place throughout Ireland until December 1st 2020. As adults we understand what that means but for… View Post

Little Puddins Online Store

Little Puddins and The Autism Educator online store is now live!! I recently launched my online The Autism Educator – Autism & Special Educational Needs Resources Store. Having spent the… View Post

Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

It has been just over a week since all the schools in Ireland closed. I have spoken to so many parents online who are panicked and feel underpressure to replicate… View Post

Coronavirus Social Story

CORONAVIRUS Social Narrative. I have been avidly following the the Coronavirus crisis and now find myself wanting to fulfill my civic duty. I have created a FREE Coronavirus Social Narrative… View Post

Autism Secondary School Checklist

Recently I was contacted by a parent of an autistic child about to start in Secondary School for the first time. She asked had I any advice on what to… View Post

Teaching Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns & Autism Many children, like my son Jack who are Autistic, struggle to understand what may be considered “abstract” parts of speech & language such as personal pronouns.… View Post

Greetings Visual Supports

Greetings are an activity that are an essential part of daily life skills that we all take for granted. Being able to say hello or goodbye is a social skill… View Post