Autism Toilet Training Concepts

Autism and Toilet Training For many, the experience of toilet training, can be a difficult challenging experience for both parent and child. Planning for the toilet training process together with… View Post

Autism Starting School

If your child is autistic and is starting school for the first time or is returning to school after a prolonged absence, it can be an incredibly daunting time. I… View Post

Autism Communication Passport

An Autism Communication Passport is a key component to helping your child transition to school for the first time. An Autism Communication Passport can also be used with a student… View Post

Autism Secondary School Checklist

Recently I was contacted by a parent of an autistic child about to start in Secondary School for the first time. She asked had I any advice on what to… View Post

Communication Journal

Communication between school and home is so vital when you have a child with additional needs. I first learned about Communication Journals when my oldest son Conor started in Knockrooskey… View Post

Starting School Checklist

Starting School Checklist Whether it is your child’s first day starting in a new school or your child is about to return to school following the holidays; transitioning to school… View Post

Special Needs Back To School Checklist

  The School journey for children begins again in less than a week. For most the start of school life or the return for another year brings excitement, anticipation, a… View Post