Building Strong Children.

Confident children.

We all want our children to be happy & healthy, to live to their fullest potential. We want to know that when we are gone from this world our children will be strong of character, and spirit. Mindful parenting can help our children grow up to be strong adults with an unshakeable core confidence.

What we as parents repeatedly say to our children becomes their “inner voice”. It is this “inner voice”  that helps them to develop their inner confidence. If you repeatedly tell your child they are bad or have little value they grow up believing this to be a true self perception, as your opinion is what they value most and hold to be truest of all others.

We are all so busy in our lives today that I know it can be hard to keep your mind on everything we “should” be doing as parents. I myself can be neglectful of saying how i really feel about my lovely little ones as I try to navigate through a busy day.

I wanted to create this post to remind myself of all the things I “mean” to say to my lovely daughter and sons but sometimes forget. It will be my constant reminder when things have gone awry of what I should always say to my Little Puddins to remind them they are loved and to help them to have an unyielding confidence of spirit & mind.


1. I love you forever and always, no matter what.

2. You make me so proud every day when you (insert what makes you so proud of your child).

3. I always wanted a special girl/boy of my own and that’s why God sent me you.

4. What do you think about (x-y-z)- (letting them know their opinion matters.)

5. How was school today? – (Shows an interest in being a part of their life.)

6. You are so beautiful and have the prettiest ______ I have ever seen- (Building confidence in their appearance)

7. You are such a brilliant artist/football player etc – (making them feel great about what they can do/achieve.)

8. Do you want to help me with _______ – (encouraging them to help you with an activity helps boost their feelings of value and confidence.)

9. No matter what you do we will always love you– (helps to build a durable confidence that they will always have family at their core to protect them, look out for them.)

10. You can do it if you believe you can– (helping to build a strong self-belief.)

11. You have done your best and that is enough- (helping them to know if you do not succeed that is alright too.)

12. I love you just as you are, no matter what.

Confident children

The list is endless but the point is to be present with your children in this moment and if you have the opportunity to build their confidence DO IT. Life is short and we will not always be here to take care of our little ones so lets try together to bring up happy, healthy, kind and confident children.

Buildings stand tall & strong with the help of great foundations, be that foundation in your little ones life today.





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