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9780252080319I have been asked many times what books I have read that I have found most useful. Over the years I have read so many, that I can’t remember them all until I find myself reading a “new” book only to realize I had bought and read the same one many years ago lol!x

I am incredibly lucky as I have many lovely friends in the Special Needs Community who are always at hand to recommend brilliant books that are worth paying for and will be on your book shelf for years to come when you need them. I have decided to write this post for new parents of children diagnosed as having Autism or SPD in particular. As both my boys have Autism and SPD this post will focus on those topics for books but will also include some books that fall under the umbrella term “Special Needs”, so you may just find some good books for your own book shelf.

As time goes by I will add to this list or create a new one as new books grab my attention or are recommended to me.x As always I would love to hear about your own recommendations and I will gladly spread the word by adding your recommendations to this  list. Please drop me a line to tell me all about the books you have found so helpful as I am more than happy to include them (and read them aswell lol! )9781446267677

I have also been asked many times where I purchase my books. I almost always buy them from as they offer free shipping no matter how little or large your order and generally have the lowest prices when it comes to books. Amazon is another great online source for books as is Easons online store. I would always recommend pricing around before buying books as some can cost well over €50 when you are purchasing specialist titles so ensure you look online first.

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Books on Autism

I have read many of the following books and many more are on my book shelf waiting to be read. The following list will also include some recommended reading from fellow Special Needs parents. If you find a title that catches your eye look on Amazon for a review of the Text and also for an “inside look” as many of the books available to purchase on Amazon allow you to look at some digital pages of the book before you buy.



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Autism Breakthrough
By (Author) Raun K Kaufmann

Autistic Logistics
By (author) Kate Wilde

A History of Autism
By (author) Adam Feinstein

Far From the Tree
By (Author) Andrew Solomon

Imagining Autism 
By (Author) Sonya Freeman Loftis

By (Author) Steve Silberman

Ten  Things every child with Autism wishes you knew
By (Author) Ellen Notbohm

The Explosive Child 
By (Author) Rose W Greene

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The Autism Discussion Page
By (Author) Bill Nason

101 Games and Activities for children with Autism
By (Author) Tara Delaney

Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum
By (Author) Julia Moore


Books on Sensory Processing Disorder

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The Out of Sync Child
By (Author) Carol Stock Kranowitz (A MUST HAVE book if you have a child with SPD)

Sensational Kids
By (Author) Lucy Jane Miller (This is not one of my favorite books but comes highly recommended from an OT)

Too Loud Too Bright Too Fast Too Tight
By (Author) Sharon Heller


Books on Special Needs

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Assisting Children with Special Needs – An Irish Perspective
By (Author) Eilis Flood

Disability Histories
Edited by Susan Burch , Edited by Michael A. Rembis

Disability History of the United States
By (author) Kim E. Nielsen

Disability Studies
Edited by Colin Cameron

Responding to Special Educational Needs – An Irish Perspective
By Sean Griffin & Michael Shevlin

Scapegoat : Why We are Failing Disabled People
By (author) Katharine Quarmby

Special Needs and Legal Entitlement
By (author) Melinda Nettleton , By (author) John Friel , Illustrated by Columb Friel

The Best interests of the Child
By (Author) Eileen Mc Partland


Books written by Autistic Authors


Dr. Temple Grandin

I would highly recommend reading any of the books written by Dr. Temple Grandin. Her books are a must have if you have a child with Autism, she so vividly depicts how she as an autistic person sees the world and also explains so much about the way Autistic adults and children think and behave.  The following are just some of her books-

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Emergence – Labelled Autistic

Different not less

The Autistic Brain

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The way I see it

Thinking in Pictures

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Naoki Higashida (Author)


The Reason I Jump
Another must – read book written by a child with Autism. So much of this book reminds me of Conor and gives a fantastic insight into what living with Autism is like for Conor and his brother Jack. x

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Arthur Fleischmann , Carly Fleischmann

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Carly’s Voice
A book written by a father together with his Autistic Daughter Carly. I have not been brave enough to read this book just yet as I have been told it is quiet heart breaking. Someday maybe when the boys are older and communicating I may just ready it.x

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There are of course heaps more books that belong on the book shelf of every Special Needs Home. I will update this post from time to time.x If you would like to have any of your book recommendations featured please just comment below and I will add them when I next update this list.x

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