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Autism School Communication

In my recent blog post “Starting School“, I talk in detail about supporting autistic children transitioning to school for the first time. I talk about the importance of autism school communication. Using a Communication Passport to support your child’s teacher with vital information about your child.


Many autistic children will also have the support of an SNA while attending school. I design the Autism School Communication Sheets for parents to give to SNAs/Bus Escorts so they have vital information about their children, which they will need to carry out their role.

I have also created a FREE presentation on starting school which you can find here.

Starting School 7 Strategies Presentation


In my recent YouTube Video I highlight many of the strategies I use with each of my boys when they are transitioning to school.

For many parents, they may not know what a communication passport is, so I have created detailed posts on Communication Passports, which you can find HERE.


For parents who are feeling anxious about their little ones starting school for the first time, I have created a detailed Start School E-Book which is available over on Little Puddins Prints.


Starting School E-Book

If your child is autistic and is starting school or preschool for the first time or is returning to school after a prolonged absence, it can be an incredibly daunting time. I know first hand how stressful it can be on a child and as a parent, watching on helpless.

What I have learned over the last decade is that for my 3 autistic sons, preparation is key. When it comes to changes in their daily lives, where possible I prepare them and more often than not, it makes a huge difference.

With the start of the new school year fast approaching, I wanted to help you the parent/teacher/therapist prepare your student/child to start or return to school. It can be anxious time as a parent, hoping all will go well, but not exactly sure what you can do to help your child.

I wrote my new book “Starting School – A School Preparation Handbook”, to help parents, therapists and teachers prepare children for the start of or return to school.

A 43 Page E – Book, packed full of need to know information, transition strategies and practical advice, checklists to help support your Little Puddin make the move to preschool or primary school.

In my book I write directly to you the parent or to you the therapist/teacher. You will have an insight not many will understand unless they walk the road as parent of children with additional needs. There are checklists, links and advice to help you navigate the days ahead.


I have created the Autism School Communication Sheets for my own sons and have decided to share them online to support families just like my own.

You will print out the Autism School Communication Sheets that you like, and can choose to add a photo or not of your little one. Fill in the information that you think is necessary for their SNA/ Teaching Assistant / Bus Escort to know.

You can find your copy of the Autism School Communication Passport here.

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