Autism Life Skills Checklists


Autism Life Skills Checklist

With Summer holidays about to start now is a good time to consider targets you want to focus on this summer with your autistic child.

New Community Members

For all new Little Puddins Community Members I have created an Autism Life Skills Checklist download, to help you get started planning for progress over the summer.

As a mom to three gorgeous autistic sons, I know that lack of routine in the summer can be unsettling for my little boys so I always try to set goals and targets we can incorporate into our daily lives.

What is included in the Autism Life Skills Checklist?

I have created 5 separate Checklists to support you this summer as you plan for progress.

I include 1x Grooming Targets, 1x Undressing Targets, x2 Life Skills Targets (for you to decide) and an overall x1 Life Skill Target sheet that you can use to focus your attention.

How can you receive the Autism Life Skills Checklist?

You can receive your copy by subscribing to Little Puddins community where you will receive monthly FREE Autistic Education and Communication Resources in a PDF format!

Click HERE to subscribe and receive your Autism Life Skills Checklists.

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