Summer Count Down

With Summer Holidays just around the corner, I have prepared a Summer Count Down for my sons Conor and Jack to use at home.

I created the Count Down to help reduce their anxieties over the Summer months and help to give them a concrete sense of time passing.

I have created a PDF FREE Download version for you to use at home with your son(s) or daughter(s). I have intentionally not over embellished the design of this so that it is distinctly clear for each of my boys – when School is over and when it will begin again.

You will also notice that I intentionally left the dates off the Count down months so that you can use this again next year. I would recommend printing off each Month and laminating it. You will then use a dry-erase marker to write on the dates for each day.

Once the month/summer is over you can clean off the dates and file the laminated months away to use again next year.

For School/No School days, I have used simliar visuals to the ones I created for the Christmas Count down PDF Download. I have created two pages of the images so you can print them off in one go. You may wish to print additional copies if your little ones are anything like Conor (he likes to throw his Visuals around if he gets half a chance).


How To Use Your Count Down:

Every child is different and will comprehend things differently. I have created this Summer Count Down with my own boys in mind, as obviously I know inherently how they understand/comprehend the world around them.

Each day I will have both boys help me put the new Visual on the Calendar. If for example it is July 1st, I will have Conor/Jack pick out the NO School Visual and place in the correct place on their Calendar.

Once it comes to back to school time I will have each boy help me pick out the Visual for “School” and one of them can add it to the Calendar.

I have found that using a Social Story is also an excellent way to explain to an Autistic Child about the end of the school year/Summer Holidays. Additionally I have found that using a physical Calendar and having them participate every day in it’s use, has really helped my sons have a concrete sense of time passing and they understand more clearly – when school will start again.

You can find YOUR FREE PDF Count Down HERE.

I would love to hear how you and your son/daughter/student/client are using their Count Down over the summer so feel free to send me DM over on INSTAGRAM!

Have a lovely Summer.


Autism Visual Supports FREE Printables
Autism Visual Supports FREE Printables

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