Autism Christmas

Christmas time can be a special time in each families life. What Christmas may look like from one family to the next will be different. In our home we celebrate an Autism Christmas, meaning we have created our own traditions that are Autism friendly. We do not hold ourselves hostage to traditions and conventions of times gone by.

As an Autistic adult and as a parent to three Autistic sons, I understand innately why it is important we provide accommodations during the Christmas season (ideally we would provide them all year round 🙂 ). I understand intrinsically what it means to experience Autistic trauma when change occurs or assumptions are hoisted upon me as a result of traditions and ways of old.

Youtube Video

In my recent YouTube Video I speak to parents who are starting out on the Autism road for the first time, who are navigating the festive season with a new perspective. Parents of Autistic children who are doing their best to be neuroaffirmative but who also face that unwanted pressure from society on how Christmas should be.


I created two “Auti” Christmas posts on my socials this past week and shared them online to support parents and also to acknowledge the difficulties my own community may face at Christmas.



Below you will find two of the posts and if you click HERE you can download a PDF copy of the resources I designed. You can use these resources to brief family/friends on why/how to provide accommodations for Autistic individuals.

Autism Christmas Help
Autism Christmas Help

Christmas FREE Visual Supports

I have created several FREE Christmas resources here on Little Puddins that you can download for FREE to support yourself or your Autistic child understand what is happening this Christmas.

I hope you find the Autism Christmas Youtube video together with the Free resources helpful.

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. x

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