A Struggling Child

We’ve all seen a struggling child whether it be in public or family gathering. We recognize that panic that screams from their eyes. The ashen parent We see the parent… View Post

The ghost of a son imagined.

The ghost of a son imagined is one I have fought hard to lose. For a long time, I have not been able to bring myself to look at photographs… View Post

Autism Visual Supports

Autism Visual Supports are an intrinsic cornerstone of progressive learning and communication for children and adults with communication difficulties. In this weeks Autism 101 post, Little Puddins welcomes Jessie from… View Post

The Field Toy Review – Little Puddin Approved!

In this post I talk about the importance of inclusion & provide an honest review of The Field Toy. Looking back over my life, my happiest times before becoming an… View Post

Autism Secondary School Checklist

Recently I was contacted by a parent of an autistic child about to start in Secondary School for the first time. She asked had I any advice on what to… View Post

Communication Journal

Communication between school and home is so vital when you have a child with additional needs. I first learned about Communication Journals when my oldest son Conor started in Knockrooskey… View Post

Social Stories for Autism

A Social Story is descriptive, short; situation-event or activity focused. It will provide specific information on what to expect during a particular situation, event or activity and why.  Social Story… View Post

Starting School Checklist

Starting School Checklist Whether it is your child’s first day starting in a new school or your child is about to return to school following the holidays; transitioning to school… View Post

Linda Keogh OT

A huge thank you to Occupational Therapist Linda Keogh for her Guest Post as part of the Little Puddins’ “Autism 101” series; where essentially Parents of children with Autism, get… View Post