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Ashgate CraftsI have been very lucky over the years to become a part of a huge online community wherein I have “met” some of the most courageous, strong and brave special needs parents, battling everyday on behalf of their little ones.x They have always been a huge support to me and when the opportunity arises I like to always support those in the Special Needs Community.

It was my lucky day recently over the summer when I found out about Ashgate Crafts on Facebook. A very lovely lady called Rachel is the proud owner of this fab Irish Business. She hand makes all of her Fabric Products to order! No mean feat when you consider the amount of time, planning, preparation and work that goes into each product from start to finish.

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Ashgate Crafts was recommended to me by a fellow Autism Mammy when I mentioned I was looking for a Tote Bag to help the children to be more independent when out and about visiting friends or going to Granny’s house. I emailed Rachel and she was very generous with her time discussing what I wanted the tote for and what sort  of things would be carried in it etc. She went to so much trouble checking back in with me many times as to design, layout and functionality. I was so impressed.

After she sent on the first Tote which I purchased first for Hailey (she loves fairy tales so I order a Little Red Riding Hood themed Fabric) and later went back two more times to Rachel to order an Angry Bird themed Tote for Conor (he adores Angry Birds) so he could become more independent picking out what he wanted to bring to his Grannies and also have enough room to include his Ipad and Communication Book. For Jack I ordered a Dinosaur Themed Tote as he is a boys boy and we use his bag primarily as a Tote for outings so it would hold diapers, bottles, wipes and clothes- all the things you would need for a little monster on an outing.x

Made to order Children's Totes by Ashgate Crafts

Made to order Children’s Totes by Ashgate Crafts


The Totes are made from strong cotton fabric and when ordering you pick your inner fabric colors also  to match your theme. The totes are lined and padded with sturdy inner that ensures they will with stand all that little ones can throw at them (sometimes literally lol).

An inside look in to each of the Fab Totes.x

An inside look in to each of the Fab Totes.x


The Totes come with a long, thick adjustable strap, perfect for little hands who may not have excellent fine motor skills just yet. They have an easy open close clasp at the front helping to encourage your little one’s independence skills.

Inside of Hailey's Tote.x

Inside of Hailey’s Tote.x

When Conor first saw his he would not leave it down and left it beside his bed before going to sleep one night! A brilliant compliment from a little man who is unable to speak, telling me in his own way that he loves his new Tote. Hailey of course has been busy filling her Tote with books, DS and Art Materials to bring around with her. Jack on the other has taken throwing in some half chewed  biscuits and one shoe! Not sure what to make of that lol! But When he is not filling it with biscuits and a shoe we use it for bringing his special things out with us!x

Inside of Conor's Tote

Inside of Conor’s Tote

Rachel has also made matching Sun hats for the boys over the Summer but the lack of Sun means I have yet to get a really good picture of my mini monster wearing their Hats- watch this space, as the song goes “The Sun will come out tomorrow… tomorrow” or not if you live in Ireland lol!x

Inside of Jack's Tote.x

Inside of Jack’s Tote.x

If you would like to find out more about the super talented Rachel and her amazing makes pop over to her facebook page, which you can find here.

Thank you Rachel for all your amazing work.x

Disclaimer- I have paid for each of these Totes myself over the course of the summer. I did not receive any payment what so ever for this review. I just want to recommend an excellent Crafter, her products and support a fellow Autism Mammy. xxx


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