A Special day at the Menlo


Image Source- Special Heroes Ireland

A Special Day at the Menlo Park Hotel

To day I attended a brilliant Special Needs Exhibition organized by Special Heroes Ireland which took place in The Menlo Park Hotel, Galway. Proceeds raised by Special Heroes Ireland will go towards Santa Claus making very special home visits to children and adults with special needs who would love to meet Santa. x

As I have two super cute little boys with Special Needs I wanted to go along to find some new Therapy Tools that could help their language, sensory and fine motor needs. The event did not disappoint! x

Lots of lovely families turned up on the day to learn more about Special Needs Resources and Retailers, also in attendance was a very special man in who happens to wear a very special red suit.x

It was great to see so many turn out for a Special Needs Event. Well done to Special Heroes Ireland for organizing it all. I spoke to many of the Exhibitors and got some excellent advice from them all.

Sensational Kids


Monica, Karen and Elaine of Sensational Kids

I spent some time chatting to the ladies from Sensational Kids and although I already knew of their online store I found out that they are actually an Non – Profit organization.x Every time you purchase from sensationalkids.ie you are helping them to subsidise Therapy sessions for children with Special Needs and provide for workshops for parents. I was delighted to know that by purchasing fantastic products from Sensational Kids I was helping other children just like Conor and Jack.x They gave me some excellent advice about products that would be great for both my boys. They had a brilliant selection of products and their prices were a lot cheaper then some of the other Special Needs Stores I have purchased from in the past. Sensational Kids will be helping Santa this year pick out some lovely presents for Conor and baby Jack.x

Activate Speech


I also spent some time chatting to Catherine Philbin from Activate Speech who is based in Headford, Co. Galway. Catherine is a trained Speech Therapist with 20+ years of Therapy experience helping children and adults with Special Needs learn to speak. She has created excellent Speech Therapy tools. Each product comes along with it’s own guidebook that explains various ways to use each and includes new ways to use each product as your child’s speech ability improves. I purchased a set of Early Vocabulary cards for Conor and Baby Jack. When Jack is a little older the cards will be an excellent therapy tool for him.x Activate Speech are online and on Facebook, you can find a direct link to their website here.x

Special Needs Parents Association

Image Source- Special Heroes Ireland

Image Source- Special Heroes Ireland

I spent the majority of my time chatting to Lorraine and David of The Special Needs Parents Association. They both were so friendly and have such a wealth of knowledge to impart. I really enjoyed chatting to them and they gave me some great advice. If you have a child with Special Needs then you really need to know about the Special Needs Parents Association as they advocate on all of our behalves but also do their utmost to encourage Parents to join together in supporting each other. They had an array of fantastic information on their table so of course I went away with a lot of new information to read later.x If you want to find out more about the Special Needs Parents Association you can find a link to their Facebook Page here.x

Thinking Toys


Aine from Thinking Toys was so lovely to chat to as well. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Special Needs. I spoke to her about Conor having very poor Fine Motor skills and the fact that he isn’t a fan of getting his hands messy with products like Theraputy. Therputy is an excellent tool but if you have a child who doesn’t like getting his hands wet or dirty then this product may not be suitable. She advised me on what products would be most beneficial and from just one conversation had a real grip on what makes Conor tick. I bought two great products from her for Conor. Once I got home and showed them to him, the big smile on his face told me she was right lol!

Some of the Therapy Tools I bought at the Event.x

Some of the Therapy Tools I bought at the Event.x

The Enchanted Book Shelf

Bernadette from The Enchanted Book Shelf

Bernadette from The Enchanted Book Shelf

We are HUGE fans of Books in our house so of course I had to stop by Bernadette’s table. She had a fantastic selection of Usborne Books catering to children of all abilities. There were many books on display that I recognize from my own book shelf at home.x She was so lovely to chat to and has so many fabulous books on offer. If you want to find out more about her and her store you can find a direct link to her Facebook page here.x

There were a great many more Exhibitors on the day that I spoke to but hadn’t time to get pictures of them all. If you want to find out more about who was there on the day you can find all that information on the Special Heroes Ireland Facebook page which I have linked above.

We had a great day and it was lovely to see children of all abilities having fun meeting Santa.x There is nothing more special I think then seeing the magic that happy children can bring.x

As always thank you so much for stopping The Little Puddins Blog.xx

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