Orchard Toys make Learning Fun

Orchard Toys ReviewEvery family has their “go-to” toys, family favorites, much loved, worn out games, puzzles and toys that will hold a treasured place in the memories of little hearts, forever. When you live in a special needs family; you really learn the value of time spent together, I don’t mean physically in the same place but that real sense of “together”, connecting on a level that spoken words can’t really describe. [Read more…]

Christmas Surprises


With Christmas just a few short days away (Yeeey!!), we were incredibly lucky when the brilliant people of Orchard Toys sent us on their fab festive game “Christmas Surprises”. As you will know from following my Blog we are massive fans of Orchard Toys as they are one of the best toy makers of games for children of all abilities. So of course we were delighted to be sent on another fab game to play with.  [Read more…]

We love Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys Review

Orchard Toys

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Little boy’s Sensory Heaven


I think any mother of a child with Special Needs no matter the age of their child will tell you that they are always learning about their child’s condition. Your child’s needs can change, they can vary and they can regress. The one systematic similarity you will find among all Special Needs conditions is that your child will not “grow” out of their condition. I know that initially when I first learned about Conor having Autism for some reason (pure innocence I think) I felt that he would be fine, we would help him and he would go back to being “just” Conor that the Autism, the SPD would go away and his lovely voice would return.

The reality was and still is, that a Special Needs diagnosis is a life long diagnosis, that will never leave. I realize that Conor is still his unique self, he is not “just” Conor, he is the most perfect version of himself I could ever ask for. He was born with Special Needs and as his life goes on these additional needs will not wane with time, as he grows up I will continue to learn about his additional needs and try to meet them as best I can. There are a multitude of Therapies, Interventions and brilliant products that we can access to help him thrive, to do the best we can for our special little boy. [Read more…]

My Name Tags

mynametags.comOne of the biggest problems through out the school year I have always found is Hailey and in particular Conor will either lose their belongings or come home with somebody else’s jumper or have their stationary with them. I remember my own poor Mother writing our names on all of our clothes, all of our school bags, lunch boxes, pencils, erasers, colors and so on.

When Hailey first started school I, just like my own lovely mammy spent a tedious hour and a half writing, cutting and taping labels on to all of Hailey’s belongings for school. Of course she still managed to lose half of them and I was driven soft having to go back and write, cut and stick all of her belongings again.

However by the time she was in Senior Infants I had cottoned on to the secret most parent’s already know but forget to tell the eejits like me that spend ages writing, cutting and sticking our little one’s names on all their things. A lovely mum told me about Mynametags.ie and that put a stop to my tedious writing sticking and cutting for good. [Read more…]

Pip & Pear


I have played “Airplane”, sang “here comes the buzzy bee” even eaten some myself but still baby Jack Golden is a fussy eater. He has a ferocious appetite but is so particular with what he will eat that it can be quiet stressful. So many toddlers and children with Autism have food aversions together with Sensory Processing Disorder which leaves a lot of stress on parent’s shoulders as they struggle to find foods their children will eat and also that are freshly made, goodness packed and above all else tasty to eat.

I always worry about Jack eating as his older brother Conor who has the same conditions as Jack can stop eating all together for months at a time and in the past has ended up in hospital as have many children with Autism who can refuse food and drink for any number of reasons. With that at the back of my mind I always encourage Jack to eat to stay healthy and strong. [Read more…]

Little Voice


When I was young if you needed to find me you would find me doing one of two things; I would be reading a book somewhere completely lost in the magic that filled it’s pages or I would be writing. I remember the first time I ever got pocket money; most children would have bought sweets or a comic, I went to the bookstore and bought a Dictionary/Thesaurus all in one! I was thrilled!!! I loved words and in my mind they loved me. I loved how they filled the page and could magic you into their story as you followed their trail from start to end. [Read more…]



When I look at other little boys Conor’s age I imagine what he would be like at his age now if he didn’t have Special Needs, then I remember how lucky I am to have this amazing little boy who loves me and I love him with all my heart. I wouldn’t change one thing about Conor, not one. He is the nicest and most caring little boy you will ever meet.

Despite Conor having Special Needs when I am buying clothes for him, I always try to make sure I buy age appropriate boyish clothes he can wear (there are many he can’t because of his SPD). At the same time I have to consider his physical needs. [Read more…]

Wash and Learn

Wash & Learn

Wash & Learn

My most favorite part of each day is tucking my little people into bed at night, reading their favorite stories, tucking them in tight, kissing their sleeping faces a special kiss goodnight. It is a bit like the calm after the storm that is bedtime routine; trying to get them all ready for bed, making sure they have brushed their teeth, undressed, put on their PJs and hopped into bed. [Read more…]

Freddy Buttons

Freddy Buttons

The warm glow under a duvet brings me back to my own childhood where I remember becoming lost in the words that filled the pages of my favorite books. Now over 20 something years later I am standing at the doorway of Hailey’s room, silently watching the glow move slowly as she turns the pages of her own favorites. Despite the late hour I leave her room as quietly as I entered, she too has become lost in a sea of words and imagination. Later I will go in to turn off her little flash light, put her books away, kiss her sleeping face and tuck her in goodnight. [Read more…]