The catch up

The Catch up


If you are reading this post then  you may have  noticed that I haven’t been too active here on my web blog but I am almost always active over on my Facebook Blog page. I have just taken a break from writing on here as sometimes life gets too busy and I need to take a step back, look after my children and make sure I am meeting their needs as best I can. Factor in daily therapies, OT sessions, working on Speech Therapy, trying to spend quality time with each and then just doing normal mom things like baking with my lovely Hailey or going for walks with my handsome little boys, well, there isn’t much time left in the day.

I just wanted to pop up a post to let you know, we are all keeping well. Jack has started to talk, thanks to the amazing help of the super talented  Keira Keogh Behavior Consultant, it is a long road ahead of us yet to get him where he needs to be but he is doing amazingly well with the guidance of his lovely Therapist who he now calls “Keea” lol! Il pop up a post before Christmas about what he gets up to during his Therapy sessions. [Read more…]

MASA Mayo Meeting

MASA Mayo Meeting

The Mayo Autism Support Association is holding a “Collective Views” meeting on Tuesday the 7th of June 2016 at 7pm in the Parish Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, We would urge all parents across Mayo who have children of all ages (including Adult children) to please attend this meeting. [Read more…]


l48Eloe0RGm3l0OQfHNd_13112213395_dbe69fe6de_oLove it or hate  it Social Media has a lot to answer for. For the great many Parents of children with Special Needs; Social Media has brought to the fore the light that really was at the end of a very long tunnel.

I remember years ago when Conor was born, I searched and searched on line. I tried to find one other person who was in the same position as me. I had a gorgeous little baby boy, who couldn’t sleep, eat, speak, sit, stand, walk or crawl. He couldn’t communicate, he had extreme anxiety, hated going outside the house, feared meeting anyone new, detested almost all foods. I Loved him so much but I was so lost.

I didn’t know it straight away but Conor was born with Special Needs. A few years after he was diagnosed, I finally found my TRIBE- the people who were the same as me; parents who walked this road many years before me, parents who walked it alongside me and parents who were coming up behind me. [Read more…]

MASA Coffee Morning


I have arranged our first Mayo Autism Support Association (MASA) Tea/Coffee Morning for Parent’s of children with Autism in Mayo.x One the nicest things you can have is a supportive friend.  I know myself personally what a difference having supportive friends and family can mean and the changes it can make to your life. I have set up the Mayo Autism Support Association to provide an on line and social forum where parents in Mayo who have children with Autism can support each other on their Special Needs journey.



We are having our first Tea/Coffee morning on Thursday the 22nd of October 2015 in Lough Lannagh House, Castlebar, Co. Mayo at 11 am. All are welcome to come along for tea/coffee and most importantly support.xx [Read more…]

Mayo Autism Support



The one thing I will always remember about the  day I was first told my lovely Conor has Autism was that over whelming feeling of fear followed quickly by the absolute devastating feeling of being alone. Just under 5 years ago when Conor was first diagnosed I did not know one other person on the planet my age who had a child with special needs let alone Autism.  [Read more…]