Hickory Dickory Dock Printable

Hickory Dickory

Friday Freebie

For this weeks Friday Freebie I decided to share with you a really fun way to encourage children of all abilities to play, interact, concentrate, communicate, turn take, learn sequencing, identify, match, sort and most importantly have fun.

One of the best ways I have found to help Conor achieve all of the above is to use what I know he loves to help him. One of his favorite things to do is to listen to nursery rhymes, and play associated games. [Read more…]

My Special Book

Helping children learn about themselves.

I created “My Special Book” to help Conor learn about himself in an interactive manner. As he is non-verbal (not speaking yet) and uses visuals (pictures) to communicate I knew I would have to incorporate these two important factors into this learning tool. [Read more…]

Reward Chart

This week has been super busy! I had planned a different Friday Freebie for today that has heaps of detail but as I have been gone most of the week with baby Jack to all of his appointments I have changed my planned Freebie for next week. So this week’s Freebie is a very useful interactive Visual encouraging positive behaviors.

It is suitable for any little person whether they have special needs or not. I made the visual layout super simple to understand so that children of all abilities can use it.  [Read more…]

Bed Time Printable

Bed Time Printable

For many children having a Visual Schedule helps them to make more sense of their world. It creates concrete ideas of what is happening now, next and later. For children with Special Needs in particular Autism having Visual Schedules explaining different routines/ plans for the day/ how to carry out differing tasks etc, are an essential part of their learning, understanding and communicating. I recently made a Visual for Conor explaining his Bed Time Routine so he would know what he had to do and the steps involved. He is at a stage now where he can follow very detailed instructions through pictures. [Read more…]