Love has no words

Hailey and baby Jack.x

Hailey and baby Jack.x

Love has no words

On the tough days when every thing has gone wrong I just want to hide away. Pull the covers up over my head and not come out until it all magically gets better. Being a Mammy means on those days you put the kettle on, pour another cup of courage and fight another day. Doubt and guilt follow me as often as night turns into day. I could be a better mammy, I could spend more time with each of my little ones,  I should be doing more therapy with the boys, I should be giving more attention to Hailey, I could be telling them more often I love them.

Conor looking out for Baby Jack

Conor looking out for Baby Jack

Hailey always helps that doubt, guilt and fear fade away. Watching Hailey kiss the top of Conor’s head this morning after he bumped it made be feel so at peace. I must be doing something right. I watched her as I stood quietly to the side as she bent down and gave Conor a soft kiss to the top of his head, rubbing his shoulders she said “It’s ok Bubba (her special name she calls Conor), all better now“. He looked back at her with a sad smile and my heart broke a little more. For all the self doubt I have as a mother to my three lovely little people it fades away when I see how happy they can make each other. [Read more…]

Hickory Dickory Dock Printable

Hickory Dickory

Friday Freebie

For this weeks Friday Freebie I decided to share with you a really fun way to encourage children of all abilities to play, interact, concentrate, communicate, turn take, learn sequencing, identify, match, sort and most importantly have fun.

One of the best ways I have found to help Conor achieve all of the above is to use what I know he loves to help him. One of his favorite things to do is to listen to nursery rhymes, and play associated games. [Read more…]

Halloween Party Treats

Easy Halloween Treats

10 Easy Halloween Treats to make-

With Halloween just around the corner I have been researching some really tasty and fun Halloween Party Treats to make with Hailey and Conor. I would say with baby Jack too but he usually likes to sweep in, grab some goodies and go off to hide while he munches on them with a cute smile on his face.xcg183_04

[Read more…]

Pip & Pear


I have played “Airplane”, sang “here comes the buzzy bee” even eaten some myself but still baby Jack Golden is a fussy eater. He has a ferocious appetite but is so particular with what he will eat that it can be quiet stressful. So many toddlers and children with Autism have food aversions together with Sensory Processing Disorder which leaves a lot of stress on parent’s shoulders as they struggle to find foods their children will eat and also that are freshly made, goodness packed and above all else tasty to eat.

I always worry about Jack eating as his older brother Conor who has the same conditions as Jack can stop eating all together for months at a time and in the past has ended up in hospital as have many children with Autism who can refuse food and drink for any number of reasons. With that at the back of my mind I always encourage Jack to eat to stay healthy and strong. [Read more…]

Little Voice


When I was young if you needed to find me you would find me doing one of two things; I would be reading a book somewhere completely lost in the magic that filled it’s pages or I would be writing. I remember the first time I ever got pocket money; most children would have bought sweets or a comic, I went to the bookstore and bought a Dictionary/Thesaurus all in one! I was thrilled!!! I loved words and in my mind they loved me. I loved how they filled the page and could magic you into their story as you followed their trail from start to end. [Read more…]

My Special Book

Helping children learn about themselves.

I created “My Special Book” to help Conor learn about himself in an interactive manner. As he is non-verbal (not speaking yet) and uses visuals (pictures) to communicate I knew I would have to incorporate these two important factors into this learning tool. [Read more…]


When I look at other little boys Conor’s age I imagine what he would be like at his age now if he didn’t have Special Needs, then I remember how lucky I am to have this amazing little boy who loves me and I love him with all my heart. I wouldn’t change one thing about Conor, not one. He is the nicest and most caring little boy you will ever meet.

Despite Conor having Special Needs when I am buying clothes for him, I always try to make sure I buy age appropriate boyish clothes he can wear (there are many he can’t because of his SPD). At the same time I have to consider his physical needs. [Read more…]

Facing the unknown


Baby Jack is famous! x

Baby Jack is famous! x

Life is all about facing the unknown.x If you had told me a year ago I would have two boys with special needs and that both my lovely boys would not be able to speak, I would not physically have been able to cope with the prospect. I have already lived the last 6  years of my life raising my gorgeous Conor and would not have expected that now Jack would join him on his Autism journey. [Read more…]

Mammy Loves Conor

IMG_3373Wiping tears gently away from Conor’s little face I pull him in tight, trying my best to hug and kiss away what hurts his beautiful heart. I know that I may not ever find out what plays on his mind when he cries quietly to himself lying on his bed. I lie beside him when his tears flow all too easily and tell him repeatedly “Mammy loves Conor”, holding him tight I do my best to hug all his fears away, hoping if I hug him just tightly enough he will know and he will feel all the love I have for him.

Moments like this are the hardest to bear as I would do absolutely anything to help him speak, so that finally we would hear all the lovely things he wants to say. I never imagined all those years ago when his words stopped that almost 6 years later we would still be hoping, wishing and waiting. In the years since his words faded away, I have learned so much from Conor without him ever uttering one single beautiful word. [Read more…]

Wash and Learn

Wash & Learn

Wash & Learn

My most favorite part of each day is tucking my little people into bed at night, reading their favorite stories, tucking them in tight, kissing their sleeping faces a special kiss goodnight. It is a bit like the calm after the storm that is bedtime routine; trying to get them all ready for bed, making sure they have brushed their teeth, undressed, put on their PJs and hopped into bed. [Read more…]