Having only just started The Little Puddins Blog just a few short weeks ago I have been overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback. Every day I receive messages through email and through The Little Puddins Blog Facebook page from parents asking for help, tutorials, how-to posts; asking for recommendations about great products and services that I have found really helped in raising two little men with special needs. I have been asked a lot about myself and have decided to write a short (love to ramble and chat but just not about me lol!) blog post about myself so you can get to know me better.

My name is Amanda Mc Guinness and I am from Mayo in Ireland.

I am a stay at home mammy to 3 super gorgeous children Hailey (7), Conor (5) and Jack (2).

Conor and Jack both are unable to speak, have Autism together with Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions

Before I had children I trained to become a Solicitor having spent a great many years of my life studying the Law. I have always felt a need to help others in my life and I felt that by becoming a Solicitor I would help many vulnerable people in our world today to be heard.

On the day my gorgeous Conor was born it signified two special events in my life- the start of a sometimes incredibly painful &lonely Special Needs Mammy journey, together with the end of my career as a Solicitor as Conor has needed me every little step of the way in his life journey. My eyes sometimes sting with pain and tears when I think how innocent I was those many years ago  wanting to help others have their voices heard not realizing that someday I would have two little boys who would not be able to speak at all. x

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A year or so after finding out my lovely Conor had Special Needs I retrained as a Special Needs Assistant in my local VEC obtaining a FETAC Level 5. I am so glad that I took the course as it has helped me so much in the years since helping my little man and now with my gorgeous Jack too.

Very recently I found out that my lovely baby Jack had the same conditions as his older brother and is sadly not able to speak either. I am always hopeful that one day soon I will hear their gorgeous voices and that they will be able to tell me all the lovely things they keep safely in their hearts.

After finding out about Jack having Special Needs alongside his older brother Conor I decided I would set up The Little Puddins Blog as although it is heart breaking to consider what the future may hold for my two boys and their lovely sister, at least I have been here before. There are so many parents just like me who are finding out for the very first time that their lovely little boy or beautiful little girl have Special Needs. I know what it is to feel completely alone and lost on those early days, through the Blog I hope to help Parents get back on their feet.

I always think what is laid out for you will not pass you by and I really believe that I was meant to have my gorgeous Boys just as they are. I studied the Law for years and working in a Law Office is a high pressure environment when people’s livelihood depends on your meticulous attention to detail. Looking back now with hindsight I find that all those years of training and learning have helped me to cope with the direction my life has taken.

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My other great love outside of the Law has always been Books and English. I studied English at University and have an English Degree as well as my Law Degrees. I love to read to my little ones and encourage them as much as possible to surround themselves with books. A great many things can be learned from books the most beneficial of all I have found to be escapism.x When I have had a stressful day a good book will wash all my cares away.

Outside of Books and Learning I love to create and paint.x I find creating gifts for others so rewarding when you think something special you made has put a little smile on someones face and warmth in their hearts, nothing beats that feeling of making someone else feel good about themselves.x

Well that is the end of my ramble about myself, I hear Jack pulling the living room asunder so I best go and try to fend the curtains out of his tiny hands before he eventually manages to pull them off the wall lol!xxx

As always thanks for stopping by <3

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