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The phrase “Little Puddin” is so well known especially in Ireland, I doubt there exists one house where a baby has not been called a Little Puddin; a term of love for our little cuties. For me “Little Puddins” are babies, children and adults of all abilities who never stop being their mammy’s little loves.

As a mother you love your children no matter what, it doesn’t matter if they are 2 days, 2 years or 20 years old they will always be your child no matter how old they are, no matter their ability or disability they are your child, your little love and for me that is exactly what my little ones are. I love them with all my heart equally, special needs or not. I decided to call my blog The Little Puddins Blog as it is and will be all about my journey as a special needs mammy living and loving my life and bringing up my gorgeous Little Puddins as best I can.

Raising children with and without special needs is demanding at best, heart breaking at worst; trying to be a good mother to all and giving them all your time. Trying to help them each understand what living with special needs means to them and hopefully helping it to impact positively on their lives now and in the future.

Autism Awareness

I love my children and I hope through this public platform I will in some way use my voice to better the world of those living with special needs innately, raising awareness of its impact on all the lives it touches.

Special needs entered my world almost 6 years ago, when my gorgeous Conor was born, it changed me as a person, friend, partner and mother. The Little Puddins Blog will be a window into a world you may not have known existed if you do not have children with special needs and if you are a fellow special needs mammy it will be a friendly place to spend time reading and relating to stories you could have written yourself about your own life with your little ones.

So put the kettle and join me on my journey with the Little Puddins that make up my world.
Amanda .xxx

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