It could be You

Autism Awareness

Raising Awareness

I started The Little Puddins Blog just a short time ago and I could never have imagined all that was about to happen from that first night I started to write online. By creating the Blog I hoped to help raise “Awareness” on behalf of my two sons, my daughter, my self and my husband as parents, on behalf of all Families who may struggle for whatever reason on their own Special Needs Journey.

My Blog’s tagline is “Living a life unexpected” because that is what a Special Needs Journey is; a complete bombshell out of the blue that can make you or break you. I hoped that by writing the real, honest, hard stories that it would get people talking openly about Autism, about SPD, about the reality for many of what living with Special Needs really means. [Read more…]


IMG_4299Before I was a mother, before I was a wife, I was me. That sounds strange to read and even stranger to write. What I mean is that before I took on all the roles I have now in my life I started out as me. There is one thing I have always surrounded myself from as far back as I can remember and that is “words”. I love to read, write and learn. I have always found it so easy to learn something if I have an interest in it. I am inspired by learning and more particularly I am inspired by words, quotes, books, poems, novels. My safe haven has always been between the pages of my next good “read”.  [Read more…]

Love has no words

Hailey and baby Jack.x

Hailey and baby Jack.x

Love has no words

On the tough days when every thing has gone wrong I just want to hide away. Pull the covers up over my head and not come out until it all magically gets better. Being a Mammy means on those days you put the kettle on, pour another cup of courage and fight another day. Doubt and guilt follow me as often as night turns into day. I could be a better mammy, I could spend more time with each of my little ones,  I should be doing more therapy with the boys, I should be giving more attention to Hailey, I could be telling them more often I love them.

Conor looking out for Baby Jack

Conor looking out for Baby Jack

Hailey always helps that doubt, guilt and fear fade away. Watching Hailey kiss the top of Conor’s head this morning after he bumped it made be feel so at peace. I must be doing something right. I watched her as I stood quietly to the side as she bent down and gave Conor a soft kiss to the top of his head, rubbing his shoulders she said “It’s ok Bubba (her special name she calls Conor), all better now“. He looked back at her with a sad smile and my heart broke a little more. For all the self doubt I have as a mother to my three lovely little people it fades away when I see how happy they can make each other. [Read more…]

Mammy Loves Conor

IMG_3373Wiping tears gently away from Conor’s little face I pull him in tight, trying my best to hug and kiss away what hurts his beautiful heart. I know that I may not ever find out what plays on his mind when he cries quietly to himself lying on his bed. I lie beside him when his tears flow all too easily and tell him repeatedly “Mammy loves Conor”, holding him tight I do my best to hug all his fears away, hoping if I hug him just tightly enough he will know and he will feel all the love I have for him.

Moments like this are the hardest to bear as I would do absolutely anything to help him speak, so that finally we would hear all the lovely things he wants to say. I never imagined all those years ago when his words stopped that almost 6 years later we would still be hoping, wishing and waiting. In the years since his words faded away, I have learned so much from Conor without him ever uttering one single beautiful word. [Read more…]


Having only just started The Little Puddins Blog just a few short weeks ago I have been overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback. Every day I receive messages through email and through The Little Puddins Blog Facebook page from parents asking for help, tutorials, how-to posts; asking for recommendations about great products and services that I have found really helped in raising two little men with special needs. I have been asked a lot about myself and have decided to write a short (love to ramble and chat but just not about me lol!) blog post about myself so you can get to know me better.

My name is Amanda Mc Guinness and I am from Mayo in Ireland.

I am a stay at home mammy to 3 super gorgeous children Hailey (7), Conor (5) and Jack (2).

Conor and Jack both are unable to speak, have Autism together with Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions

Before I had children I trained to become a Solicitor having spent a great many years of my life studying the Law. I have always felt a need to help others in my life and I felt that by becoming a Solicitor I would help many vulnerable people in our world today to be heard. [Read more…]

Autism knocks on the door

Baby Jack

Baby Jack

It is not often I am speechless (probably all the tea) but this summer I was shocked into silence, stunned actually. It was from something I hadn’t completely ruled out but you always, always hope your worst fear would not come true.It took me the last few months to get my feet back under me, and finally I have.
You see I am very lucky to have 3 gorgeous children; a beautiful girl and two super handsome boys. We have been living with Autism in our house for the last almost 6 years and it has brought many ups and a very many downs as we tried to find our way with it all.
Then we had Jack and we were so so delighted to have another gorgeous baby to hold and to love and to love us back All was well. [Read more…]

Sleeping Angel

Sleeping AngelAs I enter the darkened room, I have only the dim light of the moon’s sky to guide me. Softly the carpet beneath my feet mute my moving soul, my breathing unheard. Looking down, I watch Jack, my sleeping angel, oblivious to my silent tears as he sleeps in his cot. I find him asleep in the same manner every night no matter how tightly I tuck his little blankets over him he gets out and will lay on top of them, his little bum facing the sky and his cherub face buried deep in the warmth of his blankets. There is a huge lump building in my throat as I watch him breath in and out life, I pick up his favorite blanket and tuck it around his little body keeping him warm under the moons gentle glow. [Read more…]