Magic Biscuit Buns

Magic Biscuit Buns

I have been trying to spend extra time with Hailey on her own having fun and making memories. I told her this week about her youngest brother Jack having Autism as well as her other brother Conor and she was very upset.x She has been my little shadow ever since, wanting to spend all her free time with me. As a means to help her talk about her feelings I have been spending extra time carrying out fun activities with her and when the opportunity arises we chat about Autism and her lovely brothers.

Our fun task for today was ┬áto make Hailey’s ” Magic Biscuit Buns”- Hailey says they are magic because they are super tasty and you don’t have to use the oven to make them. I think they are magic because they help my little lady relax, talk about how she is feeling and have fun.x [Read more…]

Back to School

Back to SchoolBack to School

In a few short days the summer will officially be over. Summer clothes are being put away all over Ireland this week while a fresh batch of school uniforms are being pressed & readied for Monday morning madness. Shoes will be polished, books & copies covered, name tags placed, lunch bags packed, all ready & waiting in anticipation of that first ringing bell, telling the world the school year has begun.

We will wonder at how we will ever pass the time that has been so filled over the summer with various excursions and attempts at keeping our children entertained on the never ending rain soaked days. [Read more…]