Freddy Buttons

Freddy Buttons

The warm glow under a duvet brings me back to my own childhood where I remember becoming lost in the words that filled the pages of my favorite books. Now over 20 something years later I am standing at the doorway of Hailey’s room, silently watching the glow move slowly as she turns the pages of her own favorites. Despite the late hour I leave her room as quietly as I entered, she too has become lost in a sea of words and imagination. Later I will go in to turn off her little flash light, put her books away, kiss her sleeping face and tuck her in goodnight. [Read more…]

Curious Crayons

The nicest evenings spent are with the children just sitting around the table creating.x I love it when we all work on a project, I always make sure it is something Conor can take part it and have fun.x

It was my lucky day recently when Emma from Curious Crayons sent on some of their fab Handmade Irish, Non- Toxic Crayons for my little ones to try out. The parcel of lovely crayons arrived one morning just before Hailey went to school and she was beaming when she saw her own name among the Curious Crayon Cases.x [Read more…]

Ashgate Crafts

Ashgate CraftsI have been very lucky over the years to become a part of a huge online community wherein I have “met” some of the most courageous, strong and brave special needs parents, battling everyday on behalf of their little ones.x They have always been a huge support to me and when the opportunity arises I like to always support those in the Special Needs Community.

It was my lucky day recently over the summer when I found out about Ashgate Crafts on Facebook. A very lovely lady called Rachel is the proud owner of this fab Irish Business. She hand makes all of her Fabric Products to order! No mean feat when you consider the amount of time, planning, preparation and work that goes into each product from start to finish. [Read more…]

Valerie Sheehan Interview

Valerie Sheehan

A picture by Denis Scannell of Author Valerie Sheehan.

As many of you will know we are a house of avid readers. When I can’t find Hailey in our house I will usually locate her deeply engrossed in one of the many books that line the shelves in her room. Conor is the same he has boxes of books all over the house and well Jack likes the taste of a good book for now lol! But has his own mini collection of picture books in his Toy chest. I like to think I passed on my love of reading to the kids as it is a great way to escape from the world and get lost in the sea of words that fill the pages. I studied Law and English for many years so you can imagine I have read a great many books in my time.

Recently we were very lucky to be sent on some fab books from the very lovely Valerie Sheehan, Author of the Tony the Turtle series. A full review of the Tony the Turtle series to follow.

Having spoken to Valerie many times about her Book Series and the positive messages each book contains, she very kindly agreed to an Interview.x  [Read more…]

Mika B Teething Jewellery

1005658_620682217962507_1811576509_nImagine the worst tooth ache you ever had, then imagine your first tooth breaking through your gumline…. Ouch! We have all gone through teething as infants and now as adults we take care of our own little mini-mes as they reach the life milestone of teething. Being a mammy to three gorgeous children means I have met this milestone myself (thank god I can’t remember it) and I have met it head on three times with my little ones when they were babies. [Read more…]

How to Catch A Star

How to catch a star book review


We are a house of book lovers there is no doubt. Over the summer however we lost our way with books and out doors excursions took over. With the start of the school year now in plain sight we are getting back to our little traditions of book reading in the evening or at bedtime.

When choosing bedtime books I generally let the kids take turns in picking what we will read with the exception of baby Jack who right now has no interest in literary content unless it tastes good, literally.. So he can choose a half eaten book for himself out of his little pile that I will read to him later. [Read more…]