Autism Resources

Autism Resources

I know that when I started the Autism journey I had to find out everything myself from scratch. I decided I would create this resources page for you as a go-to page for resources you will need to know of.
Some are links to excellent Social Media Groups founded by Special Needs Parents. These groups are home to thousands of Irish Parents from all over Ireland, wherein helpful information/stories and advice are shared in a confidential forum. I have found being a member of these groups hugely helpful over the years and within these groups I have been lucky enough to make some life-long friends.
You will also find Contact details for different Social Welfare Departments which you will be very helpful to you when you reach that stage of applying for different benefits you are entitled to.
As I am based in Mayo I will include Contact Details of Individuals  &  Organisations which may be of benefit to you within the county.
I plan to update this page regularly as new information comes to hand.



Social Media Groups-

Facebook Groups-
Autism Mamaí – is a private group on Facebook for Irish Mothers of Children with Autism. A great Support network full of advice, stories and information which will be invaluable to any Mother in Ireland who has a child with Autism.
Autism Mommies– Is a private group on Facebook for Mothers of Children with Autism living all over the world; to include Mothers living in Ireland. A fantastic groups similar to Autism Mamaí with the difference being it is open to mothers outside of Ireland.
DCA Warriors is a private group for Irish residents; whom have children with special needs. A fantastic group which provides support and information to parents and in particular is a great resource for any parent applying for Domiciliary Care Allowance.
PECS for AMs – is a private group set up by members of the above mentioned Autism Groups. This private groups focuses on helping parents of children using alternative communication systems. A very resourceful group, full of excellent information & advice.
There are a host of other excellent groups interlinked to the aforementioned Autism Groups, once you become a member of either of these groups you will be able to gain information and access to the said groups.

Autism Resources

Social Welfare Department Details

1. Domiciliary Care Allowance
Social Welfare Services Office
Department of Social Protection
College Road

Tel- 1890 500 000

2. Carer’s Allowance Section
Social Welfare Services Office
Government Buildings
Ballinalee Road

Tel- 1890 92 77 70

3. Back to School Clothing & Footwear Allowance
Social Welfare Service
Depart of Social Protection
College Road Sligo

Tel- 1890 66 22 44