Autism pieces

What is Autism? 

Autism is a neurological developmental disability, affecting social and communication abilities in adults and children. Autism is a “spectrum” condition meaning no two children/adults with Autism will display the same characteristics in the same combinations to varying degrees from mild – severe, yet both are said to have “Autism”.  The spectrum disorder is often referred to as “ASD” to cover all of the various disorders that come under this “umbrella” term.

Autism is said to be a hidden disability in that the adult/child with Autism will physically look similar to their peers. The disability becomes apparent however in the inability of the adult/child with autism to communicate/develop language/form relationships/form & understand abstract concepts in the same manner as their peers.

When you hear/read about Autism you will learn of the Triad Of Impairments; this term houses the three areas in which adults/children with Autism have difficulty, namely;

1. Social Communication
2. Social Interaction
3. Social Imagination

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) has long been associated with the Triad of Impairments of Autism. SPD affects all of the individual’s senses meaning their senses maybe under or over sensitive to varying degrees at differing times.

According to Irish Autism Action (a Charity set up to advocate for Children & Adults with Autism) 1 in 100 individuals have Autism today in Ireland.


Causes of Autism- 

There is no definitive known cause of Autism. Research is on-going into it’s potential causes however to-date there is no singular cause to be found. In raising Awareness of Autism you will often see Jigsaw puzzles displaying a “missing piece”, this missing piece refers to the as of yet unknown cause (piece) of the Autism puzzle.

There is a host of information online with regard to Autism, I have always found the Irish Autism Action website invaluable for the most up to date information on Autism and related issues. You can find a direct link to their website here.