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I am a married mammy of three gorgeous children; Hailey (7), Conor (5) and Jack (1). Before I had children I had spent many years studying the Law, later beginning  my training to become a Solicitor. Once my lovely Conor was born I had to give up my Law Career to become his full time Carer as he requires 24 Hour Care and attention. I chose Law as a career as I wanted to help people, now through loving Hailey, Conor and Jack, learning about special needs and what it means to each of them; I hope to be able to help others walking the same road as we are.

Autism changed my world forever almost six years ago, it has changed everything & everyone it touched. In the last year I have watched with an ever breaking heart as my youngest son Jack (almost 2) began to regress and show the early indicators of Autism just like his older brother Conor. Despite living with Autism in our home for almost 6 years it was still a massive shock to find out my lovely little Jack also had Autism, SPD and is now non-verbal having lost all his words through regression in the same manner as his brother Conor.



I have learned over the years to be “strong” dealing with all the upsets, challenges and fears special needs parent’s deal with on a daily basis. When Conor was first diagnosed I remember being so shocked I literally did not feel like myself for upwards on a year afterwards. I carried on as best I could but inside I felt like someone had taken the real me away. I had to battle back from it to get back to myself and back to being the best mammy I could be for all of my lovely children.

The realization that Baby Jack has been diagnosed with the same conditions as Conor is something I am dealing with, processing as the days go by. I never expected to have one little boy with Autism who was unable to speak, the realization that my two sons have Autism and are unable to speak is devastating.

Hailey, Conor and Jack have brought me so much joy, they have filled my heart with love & empathy. They have taught me to really look at the world and the way I live my life in it. They have  shown me so much beauty and made so proud to be their mother, inspiring me every day with his courage & bravery to live a happy fulfilling life.

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This blog will speak to fellow special needs parents who are all on different stages of the Special Needs Journey and bring them courage, friendship and advice on the sometimes lonely Special Needs road. I would love to chat to you to about your journey so be sure to get in touch via the contact page.

Hailey, Conor and Jack inspire me every day, each helping to mend my broken heart and for that I am thankful.

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So come along the Special Needs road with me and my family, you will learn about a life you may not have known existed if you do not live in a Special Needs Family, it may speak to you as though you wrote the words yourself if you are a Special Needs Parent, you will laugh at some of the stories and maybe cry a little. Family life can have many ups and downs, a Special Needs Family Life is living a life unexpected.

Amanda .xx