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My Name Tags

mynametags.comOne of the biggest problems through out the school year I have always found is Hailey and in particular Conor will either lose their belongings or come home with somebody else’s jumper or have their stationary with them. I remember my own poor Mother writing our names on all of our clothes, all of our school bags, lunch boxes, pencils, erasers, colors and so on.

When Hailey first started school I, just like my own lovely mammy spent a tedious hour and a half writing, cutting and taping labels on to all of Hailey’s belongings for school. Of course she still managed to lose half of them and I was driven soft having to go back and write, cut and stick all of her belongings again.

However by the time she was in Senior Infants I had cottoned on to the secret most parent’s already know but forget to tell the eejits like me that spend ages writing, cutting and sticking our little one’s names on all their things. A lovely mum told me about and that put a stop to my tedious writing sticking and cutting for good. [Read more…]

Halloween Competition

Coloring Comp


We LOVE Halloween in our house and we LOVE arts and crafts.x We have been super busy the last few days creating Halloween decorations for our Halloween Party.x You can buy so many lovely decorations in the shops but there is something extra special when they are homemade by little hands.x BW_silly_halloween_head1

As Halloween is almost upon us I wanted to have a Coloring Competition for your lovely little people. The Coloring Competition is open to all children of all abilities.x [Read more…]