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Itsy Bitsy

littlepuddins.ieEvery Friday I share a Friday Freebie Download. Last week as I was away I hadn’t time to create one for Friday so this week there will be two Freebie Posts. This is the first of the two.x One of the best ways to help children learn is through fun activities. One of Conor’s favorite pass times is listening to Nursery Rhymes, carrying out their actions and singing along in his own way.

As Halloween is upon us I thought the perfect Nursery Rhyme for this week’s Friday Freebie was the Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme. [Read more…]


IMG_4299Before I was a mother, before I was a wife, I was me. That sounds strange to read and even stranger to write. What I mean is that before I took on all the roles I have now in my life I started out as me. There is one thing I have always surrounded myself from as far back as I can remember and that is “words”. I love to read, write and learn. I have always found it so easy to learn something if I have an interest in it. I am inspired by learning and more particularly I am inspired by words, quotes, books, poems, novels. My safe haven has always been between the pages of my next good “read”.  [Read more…]



For Conor

With your soft baby voice I heard you say Mama, mama – what I would do now to hear you say my name again.  I remember you calling my name for a little while before all your words faded away. My heart aches now and always will that I did not record you speaking. I had no idea back then that I would wait years for your voice to come back to me. I am still waiting and I always will. I don’t think anyone can ever prepare a mother for the realisation that they may never hear their child’s voice. [Read more…]

Ireland AM

119_ireland-am-logoWhen I started my Blog almost two months ago, I could never have imagined what was about to happen. After being told that day back in June to prepare ourselves; that our lovely baby Jack was going to be diagnosed with Autism, I cried my heart out. A diagnosis that my lovely sweet baby Jack would have special needs and would struggle on some level everyday of his life broke my heart.  [Read more…]

Fine Motor

Fine Motor Toys

Fine Motor Toys – A List

The one thing I have learned since becoming a Special Needs Parent is that it is SO difficult to buy toys for Conor and Jack. Mainly because they have very rigid interests but also because they may not be physically or intellectually capable just yet for toys that are “normally” suitable for children their age.

Over the years when going to many Occupational Therapy Appointments with Conor and now with Jack I am privy to the host of fabulous toys the Therapists use to encourage children’s interaction, engagement but also to help them develop skills so many take for granted. [Read more…]

MASA Coffee Morning


I have arranged our first Mayo Autism Support Association (MASA) Tea/Coffee Morning for Parent’s of children with Autism in Mayo.x One the nicest things you can have is a supportive friend.  I know myself personally what a difference having supportive friends and family can mean and the changes it can make to your life. I have set up the Mayo Autism Support Association to provide an on line and social forum where parents in Mayo who have children with Autism can support each other on their Special Needs journey.



We are having our first Tea/Coffee morning on Thursday the 22nd of October 2015 in Lough Lannagh House, Castlebar, Co. Mayo at 11 am. All are welcome to come along for tea/coffee and most importantly support.xx [Read more…]

Halloween Ready

Hall Prep

Help your child to be Halloween Ready

Halloween can be the most exciting. spooky, fun, adventurous time of the year for children. They will dress up, play party games, go trick or treating,  eat heaps of delicious sweets, go to Halloween parties and have heaps of fun. Children of all abilities want to have fun and be able to experience the same playful milestones we have all experienced growing up.  [Read more…]

Mayo Autism Support



The one thing I will always remember about the  day I was first told my lovely Conor has Autism was that over whelming feeling of fear followed quickly by the absolute devastating feeling of being alone. Just under 5 years ago when Conor was first diagnosed I did not know one other person on the planet my age who had a child with special needs let alone Autism.  [Read more…]

My Name Tags

mynametags.comOne of the biggest problems through out the school year I have always found is Hailey and in particular Conor will either lose their belongings or come home with somebody else’s jumper or have their stationary with them. I remember my own poor Mother writing our names on all of our clothes, all of our school bags, lunch boxes, pencils, erasers, colors and so on.

When Hailey first started school I, just like my own lovely mammy spent a tedious hour and a half writing, cutting and taping labels on to all of Hailey’s belongings for school. Of course she still managed to lose half of them and I was driven soft having to go back and write, cut and stick all of her belongings again.

However by the time she was in Senior Infants I had cottoned on to the secret most parent’s already know but forget to tell the eejits like me that spend ages writing, cutting and sticking our little one’s names on all their things. A lovely mum told me about and that put a stop to my tedious writing sticking and cutting for good. [Read more…]

Halloween Competition

Coloring Comp


We LOVE Halloween in our house and we LOVE arts and crafts.x We have been super busy the last few days creating Halloween decorations for our Halloween Party.x You can buy so many lovely decorations in the shops but there is something extra special when they are homemade by little hands.x BW_silly_halloween_head1

As Halloween is almost upon us I wanted to have a Coloring Competition for your lovely little people. The Coloring Competition is open to all children of all abilities.x [Read more…]