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Bed Time Printable

Bed Time Printable

For many children having a Visual Schedule helps them to make more sense of their world. It creates concrete ideas of what is happening now, next and later. For children with Special Needs in particular Autism having Visual Schedules explaining different routines/ plans for the day/ how to carry out differing tasks etc, are an essential part of their learning, understanding and communicating. I recently made a Visual for Conor explaining his Bed Time Routine so he would know what he had to do and the steps involved. He is at a stage now where he can follow very detailed instructions through pictures. [Read more…]

Ashgate Crafts

Ashgate CraftsI have been very lucky over the years to become a part of a huge online community wherein I have “met” some of the most courageous, strong and brave special needs parents, battling everyday on behalf of their little ones.x They have always been a huge support to me and when the opportunity arises I like to always support those in the Special Needs Community.

It was my lucky day recently over the summer when I found out about Ashgate Crafts on Facebook. A very lovely lady called Rachel is the proud owner of this fab Irish Business. She hand makes all of her Fabric Products to order! No mean feat when you consider the amount of time, planning, preparation and work that goes into each product from start to finish. [Read more…]

Valerie Sheehan Interview

Valerie Sheehan

A picture by Denis Scannell of Author Valerie Sheehan.

As many of you will know we are a house of avid readers. When I can’t find Hailey in our house I will usually locate her deeply engrossed in one of the many books that line the shelves in her room. Conor is the same he has boxes of books all over the house and well Jack likes the taste of a good book for now lol! But has his own mini collection of picture books in his Toy chest. I like to think I passed on my love of reading to the kids as it is a great way to escape from the world and get lost in the sea of words that fill the pages. I studied Law and English for many years so you can imagine I have read a great many books in my time.

Recently we were very lucky to be sent on some fab books from the very lovely Valerie Sheehan, Author of the Tony the Turtle series. A full review of the Tony the Turtle series to follow.

Having spoken to Valerie many times about her Book Series and the positive messages each book contains, she very kindly agreed to an Interview.x  [Read more…]

Memo Board Tutorial

Memo Board Tutorial


I have an obsession with Gingerbread men and not just the ones you eat.x They always look so cheery and brighten up any room especially at Christmas. Recently I came across this fab Gingerbread Cotton Material on Etsy and I knew I just had to have it.x Some ladies like Make-up and Handbags, I love material and paint lol!

Gingerbread [Read more…]

Autism knocks on the door

Baby Jack

Baby Jack

It is not often I am speechless (probably all the tea) but this summer I was shocked into silence, stunned actually. It was from something I hadn’t completely ruled out but you always, always hope your worst fear would not come true.It took me the last few months to get my feet back under me, and finally I have.
You see I am very lucky to have 3 gorgeous children; a beautiful girl and two super handsome boys. We have been living with Autism in our house for the last almost 6 years and it has brought many ups and a very many downs as we tried to find our way with it all.
Then we had Jack and we were so so delighted to have another gorgeous baby to hold and to love and to love us back All was well. [Read more…]

Mika B Teething Jewellery

1005658_620682217962507_1811576509_nImagine the worst tooth ache you ever had, then imagine your first tooth breaking through your gumline…. Ouch! We have all gone through teething as infants and now as adults we take care of our own little mini-mes as they reach the life milestone of teething. Being a mammy to three gorgeous children means I have met this milestone myself (thank god I can’t remember it) and I have met it head on three times with my little ones when they were babies. [Read more…]

Sleeping Angel

Sleeping AngelAs I enter the darkened room, I have only the dim light of the moon’s sky to guide me. Softly the carpet beneath my feet mute my moving soul, my breathing unheard. Looking down, I watch Jack, my sleeping angel, oblivious to my silent tears as he sleeps in his cot. I find him asleep in the same manner every night no matter how tightly I tuck his little blankets over him he gets out and will lay on top of them, his little bum facing the sky and his cherub face buried deep in the warmth of his blankets. There is a huge lump building in my throat as I watch him breath in and out life, I pick up his favorite blanket and tuck it around his little body keeping him warm under the moons gentle glow. [Read more…]