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Conor’s Autism


Baby Conor

Conor’s Autism

I have been asked so many times recently about Conor and how we found out about him having Autism. I usually give the good version and say we found out when he was less than 18 months old and at that time he was the youngest in the County to ever be diagnosed. It is all true but what lead to that diagnosis has been some of the hardest most painful years of my life. I decided to finally write down how it all happened and I may come back later to add more to it as I don’t think I could mentally cope with remembering all that happened and all we have been through all at once so for now I have written my first draft for you to read. It will be in two parts as it is a long story.x I’l post the second part in a week or so , once I have built up the courage to write it. So for now here is Part 1 of Conor’s Autism.- [Read more…]

Reward Chart

This week has been super busy! I had planned a different Friday Freebie for today that has heaps of detail but as I have been gone most of the week with baby Jack to all of his appointments I have changed my planned Freebie for next week. So this week’s Freebie is a very useful interactive Visual encouraging positive behaviors.

It is suitable for any little person whether they have special needs or not. I made the visual layout super simple to understand so that children of all abilities can use it.  [Read more…]