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When I look at other little boys Conor’s age I imagine what he would be like at his age now if he didn’t have Special Needs, then I remember how lucky I am to have this amazing little boy who loves me and I love him with all my heart. I wouldn’t change one thing about Conor, not one. He is the nicest and most caring little boy you will ever meet.

Despite Conor having Special Needs when I am buying clothes for him, I always try to make sure I buy age appropriate boyish clothes he can wear (there are many he can’t because of his SPD). At the same time I have to consider his physical needs. [Read more…]

Facing the unknown


Baby Jack is famous! x

Baby Jack is famous! x

Life is all about facing the unknown.x If you had told me a year ago I would have two boys with special needs and that both my lovely boys would not be able to speak, I would not physically have been able to cope with the prospect. I have already lived the last 6  years of my life raising my gorgeous Conor and would not have expected that now Jack would join him on his Autism journey. [Read more…]

Mammy Loves Conor

IMG_3373Wiping tears gently away from Conor’s little face I pull him in tight, trying my best to hug and kiss away what hurts his beautiful heart. I know that I may not ever find out what plays on his mind when he cries quietly to himself lying on his bed. I lie beside him when his tears flow all too easily and tell him repeatedly “Mammy loves Conor”, holding him tight I do my best to hug all his fears away, hoping if I hug him just tightly enough he will know and he will feel all the love I have for him.

Moments like this are the hardest to bear as I would do absolutely anything to help him speak, so that finally we would hear all the lovely things he wants to say. I never imagined all those years ago when his words stopped that almost 6 years later we would still be hoping, wishing and waiting. In the years since his words faded away, I have learned so much from Conor without him ever uttering one single beautiful word. [Read more…]

Wash and Learn

Wash & Learn

Wash & Learn

My most favorite part of each day is tucking my little people into bed at night, reading their favorite stories, tucking them in tight, kissing their sleeping faces a special kiss goodnight. It is a bit like the calm after the storm that is bedtime routine; trying to get them all ready for bed, making sure they have brushed their teeth, undressed, put on their PJs and hopped into bed. [Read more…]

Conor’s Autism


Baby Conor

Conor’s Autism

I have been asked so many times recently about Conor and how we found out about him having Autism. I usually give the good version and say we found out when he was less than 18 months old and at that time he was the youngest in the County to ever be diagnosed. It is all true but what lead to that diagnosis has been some of the hardest most painful years of my life. I decided to finally write down how it all happened and I may come back later to add more to it as I don’t think I could mentally cope with remembering all that happened and all we have been through all at once so for now I have written my first draft for you to read. It will be in two parts as it is a long story.x I’l post the second part in a week or so , once I have built up the courage to write it. So for now here is Part 1 of Conor’s Autism.- [Read more…]

Reward Chart

This week has been super busy! I had planned a different Friday Freebie for today that has heaps of detail but as I have been gone most of the week with baby Jack to all of his appointments I have changed my planned Freebie for next week. So this week’s Freebie is a very useful interactive Visual encouraging positive behaviors.

It is suitable for any little person whether they have special needs or not. I made the visual layout super simple to understand so that children of all abilities can use it.  [Read more…]

Magic Biscuit Buns

Magic Biscuit Buns

I have been trying to spend extra time with Hailey on her own having fun and making memories. I told her this week about her youngest brother Jack having Autism as well as her other brother Conor and she was very upset.x She has been my little shadow ever since, wanting to spend all her free time with me. As a means to help her talk about her feelings I have been spending extra time carrying out fun activities with her and when the opportunity arises we chat about Autism and her lovely brothers.

Our fun task for today was  to make Hailey’s ” Magic Biscuit Buns”- Hailey says they are magic because they are super tasty and you don’t have to use the oven to make them. I think they are magic because they help my little lady relax, talk about how she is feeling and have fun.x [Read more…]


Having only just started The Little Puddins Blog just a few short weeks ago I have been overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback. Every day I receive messages through email and through The Little Puddins Blog Facebook page from parents asking for help, tutorials, how-to posts; asking for recommendations about great products and services that I have found really helped in raising two little men with special needs. I have been asked a lot about myself and have decided to write a short (love to ramble and chat but just not about me lol!) blog post about myself so you can get to know me better.

My name is Amanda Mc Guinness and I am from Mayo in Ireland.

I am a stay at home mammy to 3 super gorgeous children Hailey (7), Conor (5) and Jack (2).

Conor and Jack both are unable to speak, have Autism together with Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions

Before I had children I trained to become a Solicitor having spent a great many years of my life studying the Law. I have always felt a need to help others in my life and I felt that by becoming a Solicitor I would help many vulnerable people in our world today to be heard. [Read more…]

Freddy Buttons

Freddy Buttons

The warm glow under a duvet brings me back to my own childhood where I remember becoming lost in the words that filled the pages of my favorite books. Now over 20 something years later I am standing at the doorway of Hailey’s room, silently watching the glow move slowly as she turns the pages of her own favorites. Despite the late hour I leave her room as quietly as I entered, she too has become lost in a sea of words and imagination. Later I will go in to turn off her little flash light, put her books away, kiss her sleeping face and tuck her in goodnight. [Read more…]

Curious Crayons

The nicest evenings spent are with the children just sitting around the table creating.x I love it when we all work on a project, I always make sure it is something Conor can take part it and have fun.x

It was my lucky day recently when Emma from Curious Crayons sent on some of their fab Handmade Irish, Non- Toxic Crayons for my little ones to try out. The parcel of lovely crayons arrived one morning just before Hailey went to school and she was beaming when she saw her own name among the Curious Crayon Cases.x [Read more…]