Archives for August 17, 2015

Building Strong Children.

Confident children.

We all want our children to be happy & healthy, to live to their fullest potential. We want to know that when we are gone from this world our children will be strong of character, and spirit. Mindful parenting can help our children grow up to be strong adults with an unshakeable core confidence.

What we as parents repeatedly say to our children becomes their “inner voice”. It is this “inner voice” ┬áthat helps them to develop their inner confidence. If you repeatedly tell your child they are bad or have little value they grow up believing this to be a true self perception, as your opinion is what they value most and hold to be truest of all others.

We are all so busy in our lives today that I know it can be hard to keep your mind on everything we “should” be doing as parents. I myself can be neglectful of saying how i really feel about my lovely little ones as I try to navigate through a busy day.

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